My boy and media

Hello guys,

I thought that my previous blog was my last blog for this semester. Unfortunately, it is not. It is my 7th blog for the semester, but my professor wants me to write eight blogs. So, here we go again.   Continue reading “My boy and media”


Same Same but Different part 2

WELCOME to my blog again

It has been 2 weeks since my last post and YES this week is the due week for this assignment. (I know that you are thinking that why I am so lazy leaving my homework until the last day.) Well, I do not have any excuse at all. I was too lazy and really busy on last week. I went to Ubon Ratchathani. It was really hot during the day, but a little bit cold during the night and in the early morning. I went to Sam Pan Bok (3,000 โบก) or well-known as Grand Canyon of Thailand. It has the biggest rock reef in the Mae Khong River. Andddddddd Continue reading “Same Same but Different part 2”

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